At Associates in Family Psychology, we are committed to providing treatment tailored to your specific concerns. You will be provided with treatment recommendations that may include individual, couples or family counseling.

**We do not provide evaluations for education, medication, custody or court ordered issues.

Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy through the lifespan; working with adolescents (12 and up), teens and adults. Some common challenges that people seek help for through individual therapy include:

*Anxiety     *Depression     *Stress     *Grief     *Relationships     *Life Transitions     and more.

Some methods commonly used in our practice include cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness and relaxation skills training, and insight-oriented therapies. Many teens also benefit from the some of the same methods, yet at times, a more comprehensive family therapy approach is most helpful. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy is often very useful in helping to improve communication, understanding, and relationships among family members. Parents will attend the first appointment to provide background information prior to the first family session. 

We commonly use various types of family therapy approaches. We may meet with all members of the family, or a smaller subgroup within the family, such as siblings or parents.

*Parenting     *Blended families     *Special needs family members     *Lifestyle changes     and more.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy involves gaining a better understanding of why you and your partner think and do the things you do, how some of things can lead to conflict, and ultimately, how to interact and communicate more effectively. *Please note: we do not bill insurance for marital/relationship counseling as it's non deemed medically necessary. Self pay rates apply. See our Rates and Insurances page for details.

*Communication issues     *Intimacy and sexual issues     *Empty nest syndrome     and more.

Physician Wellness Program

We are proud to represent the Lee County Medical Society serving their members and Lee County Physicians in the Physician Wellness Program.

Lee County Medical Society Members are eligible for (6) completely anonymous services that are covered by members of the organization! 

How to make an appointment: Please visit the Our Providers page and choose a psychologist and please mention in your contact form that you are seeking services under this program.

For more about Lee County Medical Society, their programs and their mission, please visit their website:


Please review our Rates and Insurance page for details regarding fees and insurance coverages associated with these services, cancellation policies, and more. 

Please feel free to call our office if you have any questions.