Physician Wellness

Physician Wellness Program

We are proud to serve Lee County Medical Society members since 2017!

According to in 3/2023 - Physicians experience burnout nearly 43.7% more than other professions! Physician wellness depends on work-life balance for ultimate fulfillment of career goals and family dynamics. Schedule a consultation and be guided each step of the way! 

Lee County Medical Society Members are eligible for (6) completely anonymous services per calendar year at no additional cost to the member.

How to make an appointment: Please visit the Our Providers page and choose a psychologist and please mention in your contact form that you are seeking services under this program. Or complete the contact us form below and our staff will reply shortly.

A Place to Begin:

Dr. Amy Mulholland’s Recommended Resources for Physician Wellness


A self-guided set of questions that help individual physicians evaluate their personal levels of burnout and professional fulfillment.

STEPS Forward Practice Innovation Strategies: Physician Burnout Resources (Toolkits and Playbooks, Webinars, Podcasts, Research).

**Highly recommended: These resilience tools are evidence-based, interactive, and specifically designed for busy healthcare workers. Interventions last between 3–15 days and are completed in 2-10 minutes. Participants will receive prompts for the tools via email or text message.

AMA’s Joy in Medicine Program 2024 Guidelines.

The Stanford Model of Professional Fulfillment.

**Add to your playlist: Hidden Brain podcasts –Interesting conversations about daily applications for psychological science.

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