Healing from Trauma

Healing from Trauma & Distressing Events

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The human condition inherently involves experiencing various forms of trauma throughout our lives, which can sometimes lead to a persistent state of heightened threat awareness leaving us in survival mode. Healing from such trauma and distressing events requires a comprehensive approach, encompassing the identification and processing of painful memories and emotions. Effective therapeutic interventions, such as EMDR, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic therapy, help to reframe and integrate these experiences in a less distressing manner. Additionally, support from loved ones, self-care and self-compassion, and the development of coping strategies are important for fostering resilience and recovery. 

Feel Stuck or Out of Control in Your Life?

If you're stuck in a cycle of stress and crisis, you're not alone. Many people wish for happier lives and relationships but feel trapped. It's a familiar story – patterns of unhealthy relationships, unfulfilling or overly demanding jobs, overwhelming family expectations, constant self-doubt - leaving you feeling like you're never enough.

Trauma Doesn't Have to Define You

Life might feel like a constant struggle especially for trauma survivors. Trauma treatment offers hope. You don't have to endure the results of past events, traumatic experiences or chronic stress forever.

Brain Energy

Maybe you've tried therapy before, but it didn't quite get you where you wanted to be. Traditional therapies can sometimes fall short when it comes to treating trauma and psychological injury. Talk therapies primarily use approaches that focus on changing thinking to change the brain. While useful for many, these approaches may not suffice for survivors of trauma or psychological injury who are dealing with ingrained patterns, overwhelming chronic fear and physical symptoms. Effective trauma therapy incorporates approaches that focus on changing the brain through the body and autonomic nervous system, offering significant symptom relief.  

Exposure-Based Therapies Can Be Life-Changing

Compassionate exposure-based therapies like EMDR can help reduce the impact of traumatic memories. The fear of revisiting traumatic experiences can lead to avoidance of beneficial treatments as well as actions necessary to improve life. We approach exposure techniques with care and expertise to avoid re-traumatization.

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