COVID-19 Info

Changes in services due to COVID-19

To reduce exposure of any illness (not just covid), we ask the following of our clients and visitors:

***Only keep your in-person appointment if you are symptom free.***

  • You will take your temperature before coming to each appointment. If it is elevated (100 Fahrenheit or more), or if you have other symptoms of any illness, you agree to cancel the appointment or proceed using telehealth. If you wish to cancel for this reason, you will not be charged a late cancellation fee.
  • We ask that you wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you enter the building. Hand sanitizer will be provided.
  • Masks are optional
  • If you are bringing your child for therapy, please make sure that your child follows all of these sanitation and distancing protocols.
  • No one other than those scheduled to attend the session should be present. Exceptions can be made for those with disabilities.
  • If you have a job that exposes you to other people who are infected, we ask that you let me and my staff know before your appointment.
  • If you become aware that you have been exposed to coronavirus you will let me and my staff know and we can resume treatment via telehealth.
  • If a resident of your home tests positive for the coronavirus, you will let me [and my staff] know before our next appointment and we will then proceed with treatment via telehealth.  We encourage you to take health and safety measures between appointments to minimize your exposure to any viral infection.

Stay healthy!